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Kyuu said:

This is gonna be one weird TWT Finals with 90% of the regulars and consistent players failing to qualify XD

Anakin, JDCR, Chanel, Kkokkoma, Saint, Chikurin, Noroma, Double, SuperAkouma, etc only have one more chance at the LCQ (The top 3 will qualify this time, so three of them have a decent chance). Arslan Ash, Nobi, and Rangchu may fail as well. But on the plus side, we have 3 Hwoarang mains qualifying (Yeonarang, Speedkicks, and K-Wiss) which certainly is rare!

I hope OBK and Piyohiko qualify from Japan (Though that would mean Nobi and Rangchu wouldn't). Arslan and Atif Butt deserve to qualify, but the whole model is a joke and it's entirely possible that neither of them will lol.

So Rangchu didn't even make it out of his group. Piyohiko and Qasim Meer got wrecked hard (painful to see because they're probably my favorites). And Khan had what he views as his worse performance ever.

The 4 strongest Japanese and Pakistani players of the event pulled through (boring but deserved). I'm interested to see a mirror set between Arslan Ash and Ao. Ash is the better player fundamentally but I consider Ao the world's best Kunimitsu user.

OBK had an excellent performance, 2-0'd Rangchu (eliminating him) and ended a couple of sets with Harakiri. Would have been awesome to see a Yoshimitsu in the finals but alas it wasn't meant to be.

Rangchu had one hell of a year offline/internationally and easily deserved a spot in the finals. But the year's format is just messed up, and it would have been slightly embarrassing if the sole Korean player advances in a tournament that is supposed to represent Japan lol.

Last edited by Kyuu - on 18 December 2022