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SegaHeart said:

WOah, Tekken 7 top 8 Pakistan World Tour 2022,

Pool A has Arslan Ash, Qasim Meer, Kashi Snake upset Awais honey, Arc 

Pool B Heera Malik , Atif Butt. Khan evo second placer in tekken 7, Hammad.

All these players upset eachother. We still have other killer not there.

SegaHeart said:

Someone upset Dawood the Alisa that beat Knee feng.

SegaHeart said:

Hammad is Heera Malik training partner so Hammad can make upsets big ones.

Hammad Upset beat Khan evo 2022 who 2nd place against knee, remember Khan is stronger than Super Akouma, Rangchu, Jeondding, Book, Ak, Anakin etc and hammad made Khan look easy.