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I waver between netural and against it. First of all, it's naive if not disingenuous to say it's only bad for Sony:

1. An acquisition of this magnitide is guaranteed to push Sony (and others) to step up their acquisition plans, which could affect Nintendo consoles in addition to Xbox and to some extent PC. Sony is more traditional than Microsoft and is more likely to make exclusives.

2. Unless the above happens and Sony gobbles up a publisher or two, it will be harder for MS to acquire a large number of smaller developers and publishers.

3. This "nice" Microsoft is temporary and directly tied to their "only 30% marketshare, next to Sony's 70%!!!". GamePass as I and many others predicted will increase in price, and lots of the future games people assume will be there on day 1 in fact won't be. And to any GamePass user who isn't a fan of CoD and AB games, a GamePass price hike caused by inclusion of CoD is definitely a negative. A higher entry price is worse value to a segment of people.

The deal has some obvious positives though:

1. GamePass day 1 is a good thing. The future, no matter how evil I think Microsoft are, is guesswork after all.

2. It hints to a positive change in the toxic workplace.

3. Promises support for Nintendo platforms.

4. Makes Sony less reliant on videos games I consider garbage, and hopefully forces them to innovate and diversify their 1st party lineup.

Last edited by Kyuu - on 15 December 2022