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To further my opinion on a more personal note rather than a legal one
I believe this deal is good for

  • Microsoft/Xbox
  • Activision Blizzard
  • Workers at Activision Blizzard
  • Union advocate
  • Gamepass
  • Gamapass Users
  • Switch and future next Nintendo system owner
  • Steam User
  • Anyone who wants the Acti-Blizz management/work culture to change
  • Anyone who hopes for a possibility of Activision Blizzard studios to even consider being creative again
  • Playstation plus user (Only if Sony accepts the deal and benefits from CoD on PlayStation plus day 1 as Ms offered)

It is neutral for

  • Any third party as Take two made clear
  • Anyone who doesn't subscribe/wants to subscribe to GamePass (as all the games will still be available for purchase)

It is bad for:

  • Sony*

But even then it is only bad for their ability to sell ps5+ with limited competition from the Xbox series+ system and their ability to grow their margin profits unchallenged.
Even if the deal goes through it won't:

  • Make Uncharted, God of War, Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, and Last of Us ... fans disappear
  • inhibit the ability for Sony to create and release new games for their system and/or PC
  • prevent Sony from making other acquisitions and they've made quite a few this year and will continue to do so by their statement
  • prevent Sony from bolstering its offering (PlayStation + wise as well as a standard sale) 
  • Remove CoD from their offering
  • Make Xbox anywhere near the point of a monopoly 

Also, the impact on Sony is already mitigated by:

  • The fact they are the one who benefits from a dominant position as of now.
  • The fact that many Acti-Blizz projects are already announced for Ps5 and MS will respect all of those (ex: Diablo 4)
  • The impact of this won't be felt for many years and won't come all at once

If Sony were to fight for their user here and not for their margins IMO they would try to strike a deal with MS not only for CoD but most of Acti-Blizz's existing franchises (Diablo, overwatch, Crash...) and I believe MS would agree to all these. The fact that Sony remains silent on those and focuses only on CoD makes me believe they themselves don't believe MS would make any of those exclusive after the deal goes through. 

Last edited by EpicRandy - on 15 December 2022

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