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I'm all for it. I think its silly that just because this deal cost so much that its even being compared to mergers and buyouts from other companys that allowed them to have a much bigger market share. Its not as if Activision is the only big publisher in the world or the only one that can make AAA games. As we have seen with the video game market new publishers devs come up all the time.
Only people i have seen against this deal is a few Sony fans. Almost everyone else dont give a shit and the rest want it to pass.
Like others have said id be much more happy if Ms went after Sega/Atlus and some smaller companys like that. But for people acting like this deal is the wrost thing in the world as if Activision is the only publisher/developer in the world is just silly to me. I mean on console/pc they currently only work on like 3 IP's with the left of their ips being rest in the dump or just getting some small side games. So like i said id be much more happy if they went after Sega/Atlus who have many more active IP's and some more smaller companys.

Last edited by zero129 - on 15 December 2022