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I usually say I'm against the purchase, just based on the size of Activision Blizzard. I'm not a huge fan of any third party getting gobbled up and the games taken away from another gamer. I don't personally buy or like Activision games, I've never played a Call of Duty game and never will. I think the last Activision game I actually spent money on was Diablo 3 shortly after it released on the ps4. If Microsoft wanted these games so badly, I'd rather they just make a 10 year exclusive gamepass deal for the games. I do have an Xbox One S, and may one day buy an Xbox Series S, and I really doubt getting Activision games on Gamepass is going to magically make me like Activision games and play them on gamepass. I'd rather Microsoft if they are going to buy a third party, go after something they don't do well, they already have some of the best 1st persons shooter series exclusive to Xbox as it is.