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I don't like the purchase of ActiBlizz personally. I would have rather MS invest the $70 billion into all the studios they currently have. Which, since many tech companies are in the middle of a hiring freeze, most of their studios aren't hiring right now. Which sucks because I want to see games like Fable, Avowed, Compulsion Games Project Midnight and inXile's Project Cobalt get released sooner rather than later, but a hiring freeze will not help speed up development. Not to mention 2 of the 4 years since the studios have been purchased were under work from home conditions.

With how much scrutiny MS is getting from this acquisition, I don't think they'll ever get away with acquiring another publisher. At least one anywhere near this size. Idk how Japan's regulations are, so I doubt MS will be able to buy a Japanese publisher, so who knows who else MS is referring to. 

But, we all know ActiBlizz is an absolute dumpster fire of a company. Now that the two largest workers unions in the US are backing the deal, there may be hope yet that the culture of ActiBlizz may actually turn around. And, as with all additional excuses for third-party exclusivity deals, as long as the games turn out for the better because of it. 

Last edited by G2ThaUNiT - on 15 December 2022