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So are there 52 or 53 week that are gonna count for this year? Because 52 weeks leaves 6 days left at end of the year. Switch should be right around 4.8m after 52 weeks, but around 4.9m by the actual end of the year.

PS5 and XBS sales are interesting. They keep declining since black Friday. There have been higher random weeks during the year for them. Are Sony and MS just not bothering to put HW on store shelves for the holidays because it's all going to US and Europe? I mean I know PS5 and XBS aren't popular in Japan but still its the holidays, you'd think Xbox should be able to at least do 10k a week during holidays and PS5 like 40k or 50k a week. 18k and 1500 is awfulllll. Hell, PS4 even beat XBS again! I thought PS5 was supposed to have millions of extra stock for the holidays lol, you'd think an extra 20k or so per week of that could go to japan.