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WWE apparently fired Mandy Rose due to her onlyfans or whatever service account. I'm fine with WWE having standards for how they expect Superstars to act, being that they are a family company and people are pretty prudish, but this seems kind of hypocritical. WWE has heavily emphasized Rose's sex appeal for years now. It's especially a bummer because Rose has really put in work to become a lot better in the ring, when she really could have coasted on her looks, especially under the last regime.

The bright side for Mandy is that her page is gonna get a lot more attention. AEW should be all over that, and this could be a good selling point for female stars in general. Women can make a lot of money doing the only fans stuff (which seems kind of silly to me, but hey, if I was in that kind of demand, I'd sure be doing it), and even just stuff like Twitch which I believe they're still down on. For certain people, particularly ones who have already had national exposure, that could make AEW a better deal even if they don't offer as much money.

And this probably won't apply, especially since nobody posts here anymore, but anyone who wants to slutshame Mandy or anyone else, should go fuck themselves. If that's what she wants to do with her body, it's nobody's business, unless they want to pay 30 dollars a month.