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trunkswd said:

Thank you all! I really do appreciate it your kind words or just calling out Twitter for the cesspool it really is. I guess going forward I shouldn't bother being so open about adjustments over on Twitter. Just not worth it. The amount of crap was really overwhelming that I had trouble sleeping over the weekend. This is the first time I've dealt with the worst of Twitter at its full force. 

BTW as I stated I am still going to write up the daily news and weekly software charts as those don't cause me stress. They just take time to do. And if anyone is wondering, yes I am probably as sick hearing about the Activision Blizzard deal as most of you, but they bring in good views and usually get a lot of comments. 

It is a lot of work to do the estimates every week. And we are coming up with ideas to help with that so I can take more time to myself and take care of my health, and deal with less burn out. But they would all mean the estimates would be much later.

Option 1 - Wait until all the monthly reports are out before doing any estimates for the month and post the 4 or 5 weeks over say 2 weeks. So it would be 2 really busy weeks of posting the estimates. But then 2 or 3 weeks off from having to work on them. Unless the quarterly reports come out during that time.

Option 2 - Delay them a couple of weeks, so when the monthly reports come out we only have the first 2 weeks of a month out, then I post the rest of the weeks over the course of 2 weeks. Then I have a week, maybe 2 where I don't have worry about it. Though this option would mean those first 2 weeks would be less accurate and I would still have to adjust them. 

Option 3 - This would require the most work especially for Bandorr to get set up, which he is willing to do (Thank you Bandorr!!). Switch from weekly estimates to monthly estimates. Now I wouldn't wait until ALL the monthly reports are available. But as each one comes in I post the data for that specific region. Ie. when all the Japan data (Famitsu) is in I post that data. When the US data (mainly NPD) is out I would post the Americas estimates for the US, Canada, and Latin America for the month. When the UK and Europe monthly reports on GamesIndustry are out I post the Europe estimates for the month. Once all are done have the worldwide estimates for everything added up posted. 

MORE from option 3 - Now with this option it would help with my stress a lot more than the other 2 would. One thing I would do to help make sure we still have the same amount of sales articles as before: The worldwide hardware breakdown I do right now and the other 2 weekly sales articles, I would do one for each country/region - Japan, US (Or North America? Or all of Americas?), Europe, and worldwide. So the number of sales articles would remain the same. And yes the monthly sales comparison articles would remain the same as before.

Option 1 and 3 would mean the initial estimates would be more accurate (YAY!!). Not 100%, because as you know NPD doesn't provide any exact figures, but gives us enough of an idea to be closer than we were before. The UK monthly report provides enough clues that we can be within a few percent of the actual sales. And the Europe report is almost as good as the UK one, though this report does not include hardware figures for the UK (which is fine a we have the UK report anyway), Germany (big ouch, but we know it is the 2nd biggest gaming market in Europe), and some smaller countries in Eastern Europe. Places like Asia and MEA are the hardest for us to get much data in. So those will always be the least accurate. 

I hope you get better Trunks! I really appreciate your work!

As I see it option 1 or 3 will be great, your mental health is always the first.

Maybe not posting the sales figures in twitter will also help, or restricting the people that can answer VGCHartz's tweets and your tweets.

I have a few doubts.

-If there's a month sales post, will it have the breakdown for each week?

-Knowing that the weekly hardware sales reports are the most watched, will posting hardware sales once a month affect the money that VGChartz makes with ads?

Whichever route you and the VGChartz take will be great! Thanks for all