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We know Ps2 sold 150+ million destroying the other 3 kings into a obscurity, Gamecube sold the same like Original Xbox both at 20 million while Dreamcast suffered the worst If only Sega stayed alittle longer but I guess this was an eye opener for both Nintendo and Microsoft I knew alot of friends that were manipulated to only owning PS2 and that is all you needed not a gamecube or Xbox or Dreamcast tell me how many of your friends were PS2 only gamers? I had like 50+ friends who just game on PS2 only don't care about the other consoles.

Times have changed for the better in 9th generation. Glad Nintendo and Microsoft are now more relevant than they were back then still wish Sega was around in hardware. But yeah, those friends were perplexed what I owned. Remembers Alex and George saying all they needed was PS2 as my closer friends And another George Only Ps1 and PS2 but said Gamecube is for babies and Xbox what, What's a dreamcast?

Last edited by SegaHeart - on 11 December 2022