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1. Treasure of the Rudras (Super Famicom)
2. Borderlands The Pre Sequel (PC)
3. Elden Ring (PC)
4. Final Fantasy I Pixel Remaster (PC)
5. Final Fantasy II Pixel Remaster (PC)
6. Final Fantasy III Pixel Remaster (PC)
7. Final Fantasy IV Pixel Remaster (PC)
8. Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster (PC)
9. Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster (PC)
10. Xenoblade Chronicles X (WiiU)
11. Live A Live (Switch)
12. Metal Gear Solid (PS1)
13. Blazing Chrome (PC)
14. Contra (Arcade) (PC)
15. Borderlands 3 (PC)
16. Mega Man 9 (PC)
17. Pier Solar HD (PC)
18. Alwa's Legacy (PC)