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Intel Leak Confirms Raptor Lake Refresh CPUs In Q3 2023 – Sapphire Rapids Xeon-W2400, Xeon W-3400, Core i9-13900KS Specs & Platform Details

NVIDIA Mulling Pricing GeForce RTX 4070 Ti Around $899 MSRP

Hopefully it's not true that 4070 Ti will only get a $50 price cut as that would be pretty terrible. This is what happens when a company has 88% market share.

Official Radeon RX 7900 GPU unboxing videos and articles are now live

According to the comment section, the AIB pricing costs $1299 in the US for 7900XTX. Idk how legit that is though but remember that AIB prices for 6000 series were also a lot more than the reference MSRP. But if it's true, there are 4080 AIB prices that are also at $1299 which would certainly make people get a double take on buying a 7900XTX unless the performance ends up being a lot more. Cause if it ends up being say 10% faster than 4080 while having 40% slower in RT, well... $1299 is a lot of money for compromises. Especially when the 4090 is just a bit more...

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