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SegaHeart said:
SegaHeart said:

13:20 Landon (Law player USA beats SHadow20z today shadow use Claudio alot still lost but this means Landon is gonna be up there with rest USA at Evo 2023

0:59:00 mark Phidx beats Shadow20z again

2:11:00 Justin Iglesias beats Shaodw20z also 

This is a gauntlet players vs Shadow20z only

SegaHeart said:

Phidx youtube channel, He's asian and wants to be the best noctis player ever he's beaten Shadow20z alot and alot of big names He's represents america

SegaHeart said:

Phidx, Far right Best Noctis in USA and will try to be best Noctis ever

SegaHeart said:

CherryBerryMango from Korea destroyed Arslan Ash in first to 5. Arslan Can't adapt. Cherry Berry Mango stuffed arslan extremely extremely predictable Zafina twice then Arslan used kuni still got beat then finally Geese. Cherry Berry Mango destroyed Arslan Ash today

SegaHeart said:

Everybody is evolving adapting super fast while few are in decline having a jdcr moment like when jdcr decline from lil majin, so is shadow20z and arslan ash declining just like jdcr decline

It's the end of the Shadow20z and Arslan Ash they are down bad like JDCR

SegaHeart said:

The rest of team ash have also beaten Knee or other major Korean names, I expect Arslan Ash students that already upset Knee and other koreans to take the torch for Arslan Ash until He finds a new character so he can comeback stronger, Where Arslan Ash gets his throne back with a different character and be truly consistant. Right now Ahsan Ali, Snake, Qasim Meer , Dawood and others Are not that predictable and will destroy other players from korea etc though the rise of Japan Kagemaru and The Rise of Piyohoko getting better And USA Phidx and Anakin still have not fallen yet but instead is getting better and CherryBerryMango getting comeback better than his old main jin. hopefully evo 2023 bring some of team Ashes to America and fix there visa before so it would not just be Arslan and khan again.

SegaHeart said:

Few months ago DreadPrince from Pakistan destroyed Khan the evo 2nd place runner up in 2022, Dreadprince needs to go to evo and fight Knee in feng mirror because dreadprince is better than khan this year, Could probably join team Ash maybe? or go solo or join Awais honey or something?

SegaHeart said:

Someone please have Pakistan Thejon make it to evo 2023? him beating Knee was intense I miss the worlds best Marduk ever thejon. AKA Marduk Pakistan

SegaHeart said:
SegaHeart said:

Congrats to these guys beating arslan ash

These guys will defend Korea and Japan if they get there Visa's for evo 2023 Except CherryBerryMango already has his Visa same with Channel getting better and Knee trying to make repeat 2022 in 2023 evo.

SegaHeart said:

Legit Heera Malik lost set vs Uzar Khalid monster Paul online, Someone from Pakistan get Uzar Khalid a promoter or have him play vs others he is unknown Paul Pakistan like the other 1000's Pakistan that beat greats like atif Butt or Awais Honey etc.

Japan, Korea, Pakistan,few USA/Europe upcoming super players self quote 

Last edited by SegaHeart - on 08 December 2022