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Agreed. Ragnarok hit a miss for me in story, gameplay, action sequences and boss fights. Just not happy with the decisions that the devs made.

Also I cant be the only one unhappy about how cool Thor looked killing mobs yet we dont get to play with mjolnir (or Thor himself) instead we get some random spear and thats basically it. Yes I get that Kratos wielding the Mjolnir is not in keeping with the lore but if you think about it the fact that Kratos is there in the first place - means anything goes!

Feels like the team over indulged in the "new" approach to Kratos and God Of War and essentially got rid of any ties to the older games. I feel like ultimately the devs did not put the fun aspect first and instead focused on some prophecy drivel story with a whole new set of characters.

Edit: Also considering how well the game has been received I suspect the studio will go more into this style of game, which has become essentially God of War light.

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