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zero129 said:

1. I am hoping how you can inform me how one bad thing (Black slavery) Makes another less bad (The irish famine) as they where both caused by people in power not the general populous. But that in no way makes one less bad than the other and once again i am insulted by your narrow view point on this subject. If all them Irish was black would it fit what your saying then? As if the colour of skin means anything when bad things happen?.

2. That point means nothing to me as the irish here build our own things. It also means nothing if i lived in america as i should not feel guilty for something that happened years ago. Otherwise how long is this guilt trip going to go on?. and also Africans was not the only slaves in history. If you follow history you would know Africans had slaves themself well before the USA. They had European slaves from the coasts in the pirate raids. Slavery is nothing new it was part of history and imo thats where it should be left as looking back will bring no one forward only make more divide.

3. Thats good for you. If you can let me know when my benefits a due ill be happy but for now i see none. Once again this is painting everyone with the same brush. If you feel guilty for being white thats on you but me i dont as i know we didnt do anything or dont benefit in anyway.


What guilt trip?