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So I read in a few places that Grand Theft Auto VC is supposedly leaving the Plus Catalogue in Feb, so I downloaded it. I just happened to look in the game information section once installed and it showed a Feb 24, 2023 end date I believe.

I then decided to download Ghost of Tsushima DC just because, and checked the information as well to see if there was an end date, and it shows Dec 15, 2022 and says I have 13 days left to play.
I can't find anyone mentioning this anywhere. Am I the first to catch this, or is this likely a mistake? Maybe I'm missing something?

I also read that AC Valhalla is supposed to be available for Extra subs until it's Dec 20, 2022 end date, but the Plus Catalogue shows me it's only available to download for Premium members which seems odd.
I also noticed that the other day when I looked up Death Stranding in general search, there was only the DC version, but now it's only showing the original version oddly.

I've had the store glitch and reboot sort of a few times this week. It's never done that before. Maybe there's a problem with the store or the most recent system firmware?