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Pretty difficult to predict this NPD.

Nintendo had its biggest software launch of all time, and also had a strong Black Friday performance in the UK at least in software. The UK is relatively a weak-ish market for Nintendo.

Xbox (compared to PS5) enjoy the advantage of having more consoles sitting on shelves from previous months, which will be easily sold with those great deals that now extend to Series X, which I imagine they stockpiled a lot of units for Black Friday. Adobe claims Series X was one of the top 5 hottest items, and the one console at that, but I don't remember how accurate Adobe's reports are.

Sony had at least 3.2 million PS5's stockpiled for an unknown period, and expect to virtually match the Switch for Q4+Q1 (combined) in global shipments. But outside the Ragnarok week, PS5 so far doesn't look like it had a particularly strong November. I wonder what they're thinking. Between CoD, Ragnarok, and Black Friday, you'd think they'd be shipping a lot more than what's being implied or confirmed by multiple reports.

For now, I expect Switch to win, but any ranking is possible.