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Finally finished Ragnarok and my god, what an experience!!! It surpassed the 2018 game in nearly every way, except two. At least for me.

I'll put a spoiler tag just to be on the safe side


So......much......talking from Atreus and Mimir!!! I had to have subtitles on because of how often they talk and even when in combat, they're still talking thus bringing up more subtitles in the middle of combat! Yes Mimir, I can see that I'm on fire

Also, the game simplified the traveling you had to do in the menu but, the menus are extremely claustrophobic. Everything is so much larger and closer. There's barely any space for Kratos lol. The game menus are almost like a mobile game in design. 

Nitpicky stuff for sure but didn't take away from how much of a masterpiece this game is! Well done Santa Monica. Hopefully I'm not the only that shared the 2 frustrations I expressed in the spoiler tag and is something that can addressed and improved upon in future SSM games.