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BasilZero said:

I wonder how much AC Valhalla will cost on Steam.

(Specifically the Gold/Ragnarok/whatever is called edition)

AC Odyssey Gold is still 50€ after four years. I doubt Valhalla will be any cheaper than that.

Captain_Yuri said:

Always wait for X3D if you want gaming with Ryzen imo. 7900 will use 2 CCD vs 7800 will use 1 CCD. Which means that in some scenarios, the 7900 could have latency penalties in core to core communication as there are 6 cores per CCD. So if a game requires 8 cores, you will get that Infinity Fabric latency penalty which results in dips in gaming. Because 7800 has all 8 cores in a single CCD, you won't get that penalty and because it has a ton of cache, it doesn't need to reach out to RAM as often either.

If I remember correctly, the last rumor regarding the 3D models is that they'll only be for the 6 and 8 cores CPUs.

Please excuse my bad English.

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