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Friday news, part two:

This former BioWare dev's alternate ME3 ending is canon as far as I'm concerned
Mass Effect 3, the Mass Effect game we were all very upset about until they put out the next one, got a lot of flack for its endings. Fans said they were unsatisfying, that they didn't take your decisions into account, and that choosing between them was anticlimactic. Not unreasonable, but they all miss the real point: Why didn't everyone just kiss and make up?
Violet McVinnie, a former BioWare dev who now heads her own studio, clearly agrees. When she still worked at BioWare, McVinnie had a tradition of creating alternate ending videos for the studio's games that envisioned what would happen if everyone just snogged it out. Here's ME3's.

Hawked is a new extraction shooter looking for playtesters this weekend
Hawked is a new PvPvE extraction shooter that sends players off on a quest for treasure and mysterious artifacts on a strange, remote island, where they'll also have to battle aggressive monsters—and each other—in order to get away in one piece, naturally. An early access release is expected in 2023, but if you'd like to get a taste of what it's all about right now, or if you're just looking for something new to play this weekend, you can sign up for the closed alpha test that kicked off today on Steam.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide puts in some crafting upgrades and nice new cosmetics
The pre-order beta for Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is in full swing running up to release date on November 30th, with developer Fatshark adding new features and making stability improvements as the big launch approaches. Today's update, 1.0.8, makes a number of balance and stability fixes and adds new cosmetics to the Armoury Exchange.

Report says US government will 'likely' challenge Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard
A new report by Politico says that the United States' Federal Trade Commission is "likely" to go to an antitrust lawsuit to prevent Microsoft from executing its takeover of Activision Blizzard. This is according to sources with insider knowledge of the FTC's operations, who say the FTC's investigation staff is "skeptical" of the companies' arguments.

Build and automate a space colony for profit or freedom in Dawn Apart
Promising new colony sim Dawn Apart was announced this week, a sci-fi game drawing from the legacy of Rimworld and Factorio to create a game that simulates an expedition arriving to build automated factories on an alien world. The native aliens, of course, aren't thrilled about that—and your colonists might not be either, after they see how spoiled their new home is becoming.
>> One extra thing about this game: it's voxel based.

American Truck Simulator heads to Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain
American Truck Simulator only just released a massive expansion going to Texas—its largest expansion, as everything Texas-related is bigger—but developer SCS Software has announced it's taking us directly north to Oklahoma next, visiting the Sooner State's rolling arid hills and bounteously beautiful pasturage. Not a brand new game! DLC, should be much the same!

All Genshin Impact codes from the version 3.3 livestream
Genshin Impact codes are one of the big reasons a lot of players tune-in to the livestream that happens every six weeks. We get news from miHoYo about upcoming banners and events in the next version, but can also claim some free currency to use when wishing for the new characters in-game—handy if you're a no-spend player who's been saving up Primogems for one of the upcoming banners.

Sims 4 update purges 'wholly unacceptable content' from its gallery
EA likes its profanity how it likes its coffee: filtered. No wonder, then, that a recent update to The Sims 4 has taken a scouring brush to the game's gallery, purging it of "wholly unacceptable content" and making updates to the game's profanity filter to prevent people from uploading unwholesome content in future.

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And that's all. Until next time, I wish you a happy and gaming weekend.

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