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TallSilhouette said:

So now that my PC is upgraded I intend to use my old parts to help my brother upgrade his rig. Not as fancy as mine but a good bang for the buck gaming PC. He'll have my old case, psu, gpu, and ram. I think he mostly needs a new mobo, cpu, and cooler. What would you guys say is the best value right now for a new mobo+cpu? Preferably something with longevity that he can upgrade in the future if he wants but is still compatible with my ddr4 ram right now. Bonus if it doesn't need a big cooler as my old case is a bit compact for an ATX.

As both Yuri and hinch said, your brother won't have much room for upgrades down the line if you stick with that DDR4 memory, but that doesn't mean that he can't have a great DDR4 based system, without worrying about a CPU upgrade down the line.

If it helps, GamersNecujs has published its best CPUs of 2022. You or your brother may get some ideas from it:

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