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DonFerrari said:
Shinobi-san said:

Go play GOW 2018 again, on standard difficulty it takes 3-4 axe hits on the starting level to kill a typical enemy - the game ramps up in difficulty and scenarios as it progresses. In Ragnarok its about twice as many with standard axe hits at the very start. Also its not that I cant handle the difficulty I can, it just makes the combat feel less impactful at the start. Even more so considering that this is the second game - so I should be feeling pretty powerful already right? Also makes no sense in the context of the spoiler tag above.

Again not sure why people keep bringing up souls games in responses....very different games. But if you want to get into Elden Ring difficulty - they too missed the mark. Either the game was obtusely difficult to get through or when using certain mechanics was waaaay too easy.

For me the controller support that was added was overly basic and a far cry from other games. 

I believe I'm over half way in the game, but lets see what happens in the rest of it.

I played GOW18 in GmGoW and suffered a lot, I don't think I would be that frustrated playing it on balanced. I found Ragnarok a lot easier so far, but perhaps they made it harder on the balanced setting, still that is the beauty of you being able to slide the difficult to your taste, so I fail to see the issue here.

Your power in the new GoW isn't on overpowering the enemies, but sure it is a gripe I have with sequels when you start back at same power level instead of considering your power from conquering the previous title. But that would be a complain about basically every single sequel ever. I would say you should fell more powerful due to mastering the mechanics of the previous one (and if they had changed to much as you requested then you would have a harder time to get used to the sequel and would have a different complain).

I'm bringing Souls to the discussion because doesn't make sense to complain about a game being to hard (even more one that does offer easier modes) while playing Souls (not only Elden Ring), even more when a big portion of the Souls fanbase despise any request to add option for difficult.

Sure it is basic, but efficient, still no problem you wanting more.

I have seem a lot of new mechanics for fight, gameplay, exploration, etc for this title already only doing half of it. Not sure what you were expecting of extra changes without disrupting the formula for this pantheon.

I feel like you not actually addressing the points I'm raising. They've gone from 4 hits to close to 10 hits per mob and all you say is "change the difficulty". I feel we will go nowhere with this if thats the level of response.

I am not the souls fan base - it has no relevance here. You have no idea what my thoughts are on souls difficulty. 

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