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Thursday news, part two:

Netflix wants to make a 'triple-A' PC shooter
Netflix, that thing you only have thanks to a parent's or ex's password, is getting into the "triple-A PC game" business. That's according to">a job listing for a game director on the company's website, which also hints that the game Netflix has in mind will be a live service shooter.

Here are all the Game of the Year awards you can vote for in 2022
As the inexorable march of time makes mockery of us all, perhaps you'd like to take a moment to vote on which games were good this year? I know I would.
2022 is shaping up to be a big one in videogames history, with a boatload of games out that have the potential to be lifetime experiences for nerds and career-defining releases for developers. We had games like Elden Ring, Total War: Warhammer 3, Uncharted, Persona 5 Royal, and God of War, and that's just in the first few months of AAA releases. Not even touching the littler games like Return to Monkey Island, Immortality, Rollerdrome, NORCO, Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Rogue Legacy 2, HYPER DEMON...

Congratulations! Destiny 2 players have cheesed a community event meant to last weeks in 1 day
Two things are certain in Destiny:
1) The development team will come up with increasingly esoteric reasons for players to head back into activities they've already beaten thousands of times.
2) The players will find the quickest, cheesiest path of least resistance between them and the rewards being dangled.

Vampire Survivors is getting a 'Tiny Update' with a new level and character
When Vampire Survivors left early access in October, developer poncle said it would probably start working on something new, but promised that "support for VS will also carry on." Today it followed through on that promise with the announcement of the 1.1.0 "Tiny Update," which actually sounds pretty big to me.

The Callisto Protocol will sell you extra death animations as DLC
Science fiction horror game The Callisto Protocol has been marketed as a spiritual successor to Dead Space, vowing to go gorier and nastier than the series it's inspired by. We know a lot about The Callisto Protocol, but we today we learned more about its several bits of expansion content on the way post-release.
One of those things is that the game's DLC packs will include lots of additional gross-out death animations for both protagonist Jacob and the nasty monsters he fights. They're sort of like skins for his armor—they actually come bundled with armor skins—and there are 25 of them in total: 13 new Jacob deaths in the Contagion Bundle, and 12 enemy deaths in the Riot Bundle. Both bundles are included with the Season Pass, which is part of the Digital Deluxe Edition, available for a mere $20 more than the standard edition.

Warzone 2 crashes are tormenting players, especially in DMZ
Warzone 2 is fun, especially the new DMZ extraction mode, but for some players, frequent crashes are causing gutting losses. "This is the sixth time I lost maxed out loot," lamented one DMZ player on Reddit after a crash, and they're far from the only Warzone player who's seen the dreaded "this application has unexpectedly stopped working" message recently.

Riot disables League of Legends hero who can turn into a one-shot death tower (but isn't supposed to)
Riot Games has temporarily disabled League of Legends character Neeko after she unexpectedly developed the ability to transform into a massive tower that can kill enemy players in a single shot.

Early access game The Last Leviathan is about to be delisted has announced that The Last Leviathan, a fantasy ship-builder frequently summed up as 'Besiege but with boats', is about to be removed from sale. "We'd like to inform you that, due to publisher's request, The Last Leviathan will be delisted from our catalog on Thursday, November 24th, 4 PM UTC", GOG says. "For everyone who purchased this title prior to delisting, it will remain in their GOG library."
>> Apparently, the game hasn't been updated since 2019...

EA is real sorry it called that guy 'milkshake brain'
After a raucous spate of now-deleted tweets, the official Need For Speed Twitter account has woken up with a head full of regrets. After insulting a fan who criticised the upcoming Need For Speed: Unbound, the account has posted an official apology and promised to do better, which presumably means it won't call someone "milkshake brain" ever again.

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