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The Thursday news:


The Epic Store, that also has its own Black Friday Sale until November 28, is giving away only on title: STAR WARS: Squadrons:
And next week, the free game will be Fort Triumph and RPG in a Box.

Fanatical has a new Star Deal: Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Complete Edition, with a 70% discount during 24 hours. The keys are for UPlay:




The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Mod Tamriel Rebuilt adds two new expansions & 200 quests
The team behind Tamriel Rebuilt, a DLC-sized mod for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, has released a brand new version of it. According to the team, this release adds two major expansions to the game world.
Tamriel Rebuilt is a mod for TES III: Morrowind that adds the mainland of the province to the game. The two new major expansions are Dominions of Dust and Embers of Empire.
Dominions of Dust is mostly a sparsely inhabited and dangerous borderland to Vvardenfell’s southwest, in contention between Great Houses Hlaalu and Redoran. The exception is the city of Andothren, a huge Hlaalu trade port on the Inner Sea. Embers of Empire completely overhauls the western shore of the Telvanni peninsula with its Imperial settlements of Firewatch and Helnim.
Combined, the two expansions include new land areas three times the size of TES III: Bloodmoon. Additionally, they offer about 200 new or overhauled quests, finally bringing the total quest count of Tamriel Rebuilt to parity with the vanilla game and expansions.

Make Hitman 3 a mystery game with a mod that gives you four suspects and only one right target
My favourite Hitman 3 level is Dartmoor. It might be because I'm English so I'm biased to see some home turf on the board, but actually it's because it's the murder mystery level of the game. I love a good murder mystery. I adore uncovering the secrets behind the motives of each person in a room before nailing the criminal in a lengthy monologue, Agatha Christie style. I thought that element of mystery worked really well with Hitman 3 and now there's a mod which delivers even more of that sensation.
The Minilancer mod on NexusMods combines detective work with assassination. The mod's purpose is to provide you with four different NPCs, each one of whom could be the target you've been sent to kill. Diana is probably on holiday or something. Can't get the staff these days, can you?
This means that Agent 47 has to wander the map looking for clues that will narrow down the options so that, when you do get down to what you came here to do, you pick the right one and don't assassinate an innocent. Which, obviously, none of us have accidentally done in Hitman anyway right? Right?

New Skyrim high-poly garlic mod has way more optimized vertices than the last high-poly Skyrim garlic mod
Finally: the mod of mods for Skyrim. See, this game has a big problem. Rough-angled, poorly textured, badly colourised garlic bulbs. It's a disgrace. Modders have previously attempted to address this issue but now here comes the real deal, Garlic: The Garlic mod.
Created by wskeever Garlic: A Garlic Mod addresses the two types of garlic found in the world of Skyrim. There's garlic sitting on plates, and garlic hanging together in braids. Bethesda's garlic is pisspoor to the extent it looks more like onions, with yellow-orange colouring and notable ridges across the surface.
What were you playing at, Todd? Did you really think this garlic was good enough for the gamers?


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 & Warzone 2.0 November 22nd Update Release Notes
Activision has shared the full changelog for the November 22nd Update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0. According to the changelog, this update fixes a number of issues and exploits.

The Callisto Protocol will be using Denuvo, PC requirements revealed
KRAFTON and Striking Distance Studios have revealed the official PC system requirements for The Callisto Protocol. In addition, the publisher has updated the game’s Steam store page, revealing that it will be using the Denuvo anti-tamper tech.
>> And it gets kind of worse. See part two of the news for that.

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