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Hynad said:
SvennoJ said:

I'm just starting the game now, jeez what a lot of settings, yet no way to skip cinematics! The beginning is the typical don't care, let me play first before you talk my ears off. I was not in the mood for a movie but guess I'll just have to wait until their done 'setting the mood'. Naughty Dog handles the start of their games a lot better.

Oh, I think I'm allowed to press a button now.

Hmm, can't find an FoV slider or how to move the camera back. I loved that from Tlou pt1, this low FoV and Kratos filling up a big part of the screen is not a nice way to play. Damn this game is hard to get into.

These settings... Any clue how to detach movement from camera direction, like any normal 3rd person game? How do you look behind you while running in the other direction?

Having seen you here for over a decade, I think I can say you’re aging and on your way to become a grumpy old man.

Haha yep, starting to deal with declining abilities, eyes, hearing, reflexes. At least accessibility options are all the rage nowadays :)
I started gaming 42 years ago!