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shikamaru317 said:

Ugh, I ordered Judgment for Xbox Series on a $10 Amazon Black Friday week deal, and it just arrived with the shipping envelope sealed, but no plastic wrap on the game case, the security seal cut, and the disc missing. Now I have to wait till Monday for a new copy to be delivered and return this one at a UPS Store. What kind of animal at the Amazon warehouse cuts open a game case, steals the disc, and then sends an empty case to the customer? Dumb too, should be easy for Amazon to figure out which employee in the shipping department stole the disc and fire them.

Damn that sucks, thankfully I have not had this happen yet to me when ordering on Ebay/Amazon. Hopefully this gets sorted out for you also imagine being stupid enough to risk your job for a game that is on sale for 10$ just buy a copy yourself at that point lol.