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TallSilhouette said:

So now that my PC is upgraded I intend to use my old parts to help my brother upgrade his rig. Not as fancy as mine but a good bang for the buck gaming PC. He'll have my old case, psu, gpu, and ram. I think he mostly needs a new mobo, cpu, and cooler. What would you guys say is the best value right now for a new mobo+cpu? Preferably something with longevity that he can upgrade in the future if he wants but is still compatible with my ddr4 ram right now. Bonus if it doesn't need a big cooler as my old case is a bit compact for an ATX.

Hmm hard to say seeing as most DDR4 based systems are EOL in terms for forward compatibility with DDR5 and PCI-e 5 being the new standard going forward. I would look into a AM5 build if forward compatibility is a concern. With Zen 4 CPU's receiving a big price drop, B650's out and cheaper DDR5 kits available. A 7600X might be worth considering. Maybe something along the lines of this

Otherwise you can't go wrong with a 13600K combi.. which will last years for gaming and productivity Only issue being that platform is EOL. Otherwise both are great CPU's for gaming and this one has the edge in productivity.

Another option would be to look at a cheap build with a; 5600+X570/B550 or a 12400F+B660. Which value wise is probably the best you can get, at around in and around the $300 mark but again no future expansions for future CPU's.

Last edited by hinch - on 24 November 2022