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Machiavellian said:
DonFerrari said:

I'm already over mid game, 35h in, and almost no combos given. When dealing against boss I try to build up the energy on the weapon and inflict status, but the status go over very fast =p

And even basic enemies don't stutter much unless you are focusing all attacks together with ally on it, so combo is very hard to pull

I find, parry then shield bash will stun bosses and allow you to add your combos and use all of your Runic attacks in one big chain.  Its best to do it then as any other time your Runic attacks can get powered through sometimes and you take unnecessary damage.  The side bosses in this game are way more of a pain then story wise so I had to be patience and go for the stun you get when that white bar underneath the boss heath reach the max.

Later in the game you get skills that allow you to enter either frost, fire or stun very quickly which you should use often as it adds to the boss stun meter faster and shorten the fight.

My problem with parrying is that some bosses will run through your parry like they will do three attacks doesn't matter how many perfect parries you do, so there isn't much difference between evade and parry except perhaps that you can add status to the boss (like poison) with the parries and slowdown with roll. My strategy to stun is throwing stuff at the boss in the head all along =p perhaps I'm playing the wrong way but I plat 2018 like this on GmGoW. It takes a lot of effort and time.

Machiavellian said:
DonFerrari said:

We will see that =] humans are funny creatures that ask for change at the same time they hate and fear it, so we never know if they are going to change, how they will do it and if they do how people will feel and react.

You only have to look at the most popular series and see how much change they do to understand its not change that gamers what.  I remember when GOD 2018 was announced and shown and how much flack it got for changing from the previous games.  People who did not even play the game was all up in arms complaining why they would change up the formula.  I believe if SSM wanted to they could milk the same mechanics for a while only throwing in a new weapon and some added abilities if they wanted.  The thing about GOWR unlike the first game is that now your Amour and other items actually mean something as you can pretty much customize exactly how you like to play the game unlike the first.

Totally agree with you. One thing I don't like about direct sequels that it seems like the char forget everything from one game to the other (at least in the original GoW trilogy they made it the right way as you have an excuse for being drained for power). And you are also absolutely right when you say gamers want small tweaks and improvement to the formula, without messing what was working fine, they complain if to much is changed (even if great) and just later will come to accept.

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