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KiigelHeart said:
mZuzek said:

The refereeing at this World Cup has been an absolute shambles, what the fuck is FIFA smoking with these guidelines

Huh? I mostly watch the refereeing shitshow of Premier League so I think overall WC has been alright.

Soft penalty for Argentina though, especially considering Maquire didn't get one yesterday. This kind of inconsistency is a problem.

Between the new offside technology that's supposedly super fast but takes 2 minutes to rule a goal out for an offside arm, the VAR stopping play even during dangerous attacks to call a controversial penalty 2 minutes late, the insane amounts of added time for no real reason, and players getting free kicks basically at will, this World Cup has had probably the worst officiating I've ever seen and I too mostly watch the Premier League.

VAR isn't inherently bad for the game but the way it's being used in the World Cup kills the momentum of the game and it's killing the spectacle - and it's not doing it in the name of more "correct" calls either, with a number of dubious decisions already.


Embarassing to take that as an Argentine, but fair play to Saudi Arabia. They came with a real hunger and desire, everyone played their hearts out, scored beautiful goals and did it all with no dubious penalties or soft fouls and had to survive through 20 minutes of stoppage time. Referee and VAR did everything they could to help Argentina win (well, except the offside on Lautaro's arm) and we still couldn't do it. 3 and a half years unbeaten to lose to Saudi Arabia at the World Cup opener is... something.