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Far Cry 2: Realism+Redux Mod is a must-have for Ubisoft’s classic FPS
Modders ‘BigTinz’, ‘Boggalog’, ‘FoxAhead’ and ‘Scubrah’ have released a must-have mod for Far Cry 2. Far Cry 2 Realism+ Redux is a crossover of the Realism+ and Redux mods, packing some of the best features of both to provide a fresh and exciting gameplay experience.
Far Cry 2 Realism+ Redux boosts the game’s saturation to bring out some lively color. On top of that, the game’s overall graphics are pushed as far as the engine will allow, with improved draw distance, LOD values and shadows. Furthermore, the project comes with new textures (both AI-enhanced and new/custom ones).
Far Cry 2: Realism+Redux also brings major gameplay improvements. For instance, enemies will now respawn in outposts once half an hour has passed (and not immediately). Moreover, the mod gives an overall boost to player and enemy damage, which immediately makes combat deadlier and more impactful. As such, enemies now feel less bullet-spongy.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gets a High-Poly Hair Mod for all NPCs
Modder ‘GammaCavy’ has released a new mod that introduces high-poly hair mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. This mod is based on Macxhiin’s mesh overhaul mod, and covers all of the game’s NPCs.

Duke Nukem 3D Legacy Edition V1.2 is available for download
Modder ‘marcolino123′ has released the latest version of the Legacy Edition Mod for 3D Realms’ classic FPS, Duke Nukem 3D. This mod attempts to rebalance and make the game harder, as well as restore elements that were cut from its alpha and beta builds.
Going into more details, Version 1.2 adds the option to enable Pistol Automatic. Moreover, it tweaks the Elite Pig Cop, gives points to the player for shooting destructible wall textures, adds a “destroyed body” counter, adds Episode Level sub-menu, and re-balances the game for lower difficulties.

Cyberpunk 2077 gets a 4K Body Skin Texture Pack for all characters
Modder ‘XilaMonstrr’ has released a new 4K AI-enhanced Texture Pack for Cyberpunk 2077. According to its description, this pack will overhaul the body skin of all male and female characters (including NPCs).
Do note that this pack does not overhaul the textures of clothes or armor. As the title implies, it only improves the quality of the textures for bodies. In other words, you can appreciate these new textures in naked characters.
In order to overhaul these textures, XilaMonstrr used AI techniques. As such, the newly improved textures retain the aesthetics and art style of their original versions.

Here is Zelda Ocarina of Time Fan Remake in Unreal Engine 5.1 with Lumen
CryZENx has released a new video, showcasing his Zelda Ocarina of Time fan remake in Unreal Engine 5.1 with Lumen. This video showcases the latest version of the Kakariko Village map, and although it’s not available to the public yet, his Patreon members can download it.
As we’ve said and before, CryZENx will release a more stable build of this project for free to everyone at a later date. Unfortunately, we don’t have any ETA on when that will happen.


Overwatch 2 introduces crossplay aim assist, says lack of it was bad for both console and PC players
Blizzard has changed its mind about console aim assist in Overwatch 2 crossplay lobbies. The game's latest patch has now enabled aim assist for console players across all games except competitive.

The Warzone 2 nuke is real: someone just detonated it live on stream
The biggest rumour about Call of Duty: Warzone 2 since its launch this week is that, somewhere on the Al Mazrah map, there's a nuke hidden away: a weapon that, when used, will instantly end the match for all players and declare one squad the victor. The lack of any hard information about this, and the odd bit of developer teasing, has led to players tearing apart Al Mazrah to try and find the weapon.
Take a bow Wagnificent, and not just for the excellent handle. The streamer is the first Warzone 2 player to set off a nuke, and he did it live. In fact, he's is still live on the same stream at the time of writing, but here's the video proof that, yes, Warzone 2 has a nuke.

Bungie is bringing back one of Destiny's most loved armour sets—the one with the wolf's head
Destiny 2 players love to complain, and—over the past few years—many of them have groused about the armour sets released for the game's twice-a-season PvP event, Iron Banner. The oft-stated grievance among sci-fi fashionistas is that Destiny 1's sets just looked better. (...)
For those stuck in the past, then, there's good news for next season. Destiny 1's Taken King-era Iron Banner set will be available in Destiny 2.

A medievalist spotted fake Latin in Pentiment, and Obsidian is already working on a fix
Fryske Academy researcher Peter-Alexander Kerkhof, whose name you may recognize from his playful and informative critique of medieval videogame pigs, has largely been enjoying Pentiment, Obsidian's medieval adventure game-RPG hybrid.
However, his trained eye did notice one issue amidst the game's rigorous commitment to its early modern setting: the use of lorem ipsum placeholder text instead of real Latin in Pentiment's intro cutscene.

Oops, Blizzard accidentally trapped some Overwatch 2 players in Bronze 5 Elo hell
Do you feel like your Overwatch 2 competitive ranking isn't quite as it should be? Are you being matched against players far above, or below, your skill? Do you really and truly believe, somewhere in the back of your mind, that Overwatch 2 is jerking you around? When things don't go our way, it's easy to think that we're being hosed by Elo shenanigans or broken SBMM. But for some players in Overwatch 2, well, it turns out that the conspiracy was real.

Activision calls Epic's latest Google lawsuit allegations 'nonsense'
Activision has dismissed as "nonsense" a claim by Epic Games that Google paid it $360 million in exchange for an agreement not to launch a mobile app store that would compete with Google Play. The allegation was revealed in an unredacted complaint filed earlier this week as part of Epic's ongoing lawsuit against Google, which also claims that a similar agreement was reached with League of Legends studio Riot Games.

This Modern Warfare 2 'pacifist' player hit max level with zero kills. How'd he do it? By only playing the objective
I love a good pacifist run in a game. Usually no-kill runs happen in an RPG or immersive sim with a stealth system, crouch walking around and bopping guys over the head. It takes a true connoisseur though, like YouTuber ThatFriendlyGuy, to pursue the path of peace in Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer, a team shooter all about taking human life with tacticool guns. Thanks to Eurogamer for the spot.

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is causing confusion on Steam with its pre-launch launch
Warhammer 40,000: Darktide (opens in new tab) doesn't officially launch until November 30, but it's available now on Steam for anyone who preorders the game. Reactions to the game, to turn an overused phrase, are decidedly mixed at this point: Some players are digging it, but quite a number are posting negative user reviews. Darktide is currently sitting at a "mostly positive" user ranking on Steam, with 70% of the user reviews giving it a thumbs up, but earlier today it sunk all the way down to "mixed," meaning that only 40-69% of user reviews were positive.
That's a surprisingly low number for the followup to the acclaimed Vermintide games, but it may not represent how players feel about the game in a few weeks. Technically, Darktide is being reviewed before it has "released". In a message about what to expect from the "preorder beta," developer Fatshark listed a number of features not in the beta, including proper spawn points and a detailed weapon stats view, and warned that the initial beta release would be missing quite a lot of content.
>> The subtitle of the article sums the problem quite nicely: "Darktide is facing criticism on Steam because the beta test is actually a beta test." By the way, don't except crossplay with console or Game Pass users anytime soon.

One of PC gaming's most iconic guns just got nerfed
In the same way that I assume the sun will rise in the morning, CS:GO players load into matches assuming the AWP, the iconic sniper rifle that has broken hearts and wrought legends for the last 20 years, will be the same 1-shot-kill god gun it always has been. Well it still kind of is today, but the AWP just got seriously nerfed. I hope the sun is OK.

Sims 4 glitch that infected everyone with a hate plague set to be fixed in 'early December'
Ever since an early October patch, a lot of people's Sims have been real pieces of work, acting up and scrapping with each other like a bunch of alleycats even if they've got the trait sheet of a perfect little angel. There's light at the end of the tunnel though: EA has stated via The Sims Direct Communications support account on Twitter that a fix is coming in "early December."

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