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Zkuq said:

I've got to admin that even I'm moving towards that more and more. I still think 1080p makes sense, but the appeal of 1440p definitely keeps increasing. After a 22" monitor, my current 24" 1080p seemed to have awfully large pixels, but I got used to it pretty quickly. Still, I can't really see myself going for 1080p if I end up getting a larger monitor, which might just happen when I do eventually get a new monitor (which shouldn't happen in at least a few years though, unless my current one breaks). But still, 1440p seems like a bit of a necessity for screens larger than 24", but it does make sense for smaller monitors.

As someone that's been sporting 1440p since 2017, I gotta say it really does feel like a nice sweet spot.

Still using my 1080ti, which does mean that I have to turn down the odd few settings, but nothing major that makes the game look like a Switch version (except for games like Cyberpunk, but that was made with RT in mind, not 1080ti level hw).

Also, playing at 1440p means less jaggies than what I would unusually see when playing at 1080p (also before I upgraded to 1440p, I was playing games that made early use of TAA, and that combined with 1080p was one ugly blurry mess to look at, so with 1440p TAA isn't as bad).

I'm still using a single monitor, but I really would love to someday upgrade to having 2, but I think I'll use my 1440p one as my main for gaming, and pair it with a 1080p monitor for media content/social stuff.

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