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Yeah going above 24" for 1080P is going to look rough. 24" for 1080P is decent though.

I went from an 34" 21:9 Ultrawide 1440P monitor to 16:9 32" 1440P, and there's a massive difference in clarity. And the dip in sharpness and detail took a little getting used to. With some sharpening its not that bad but the extra immersion of having a larger display for gaming and watching stuff is worth the trade off for me. And doesn't require me to get a high end GPU rn to enjoy my games at acceptable framerates. Still badly want a new graphics card though, to play the latest games.. so will see next year when I'll finally take the dip.

But yeah assuming you have the right stuff to power 1440P, or more, then you should be able to appriciate the extra fidelity having those extra pixels and larger screen estate brings. Even current gen consoles like the PS5 and Series consoles support 1440P now.

Last edited by hinch - on 20 November 2022