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Its nice to see different takes on things outside the enthusiast circle in regards to tech. If 1080P is good enough, then more power to you. That's a lot of money and power saved that you could spend on other things. Like you don't need to have the latest and greatest, or highest spec to enjoy this hobby.

Personally I still see 1440P being the sweet spot in performance and visuals to value. If we're talking about monitors 27" monitors, or 34" Ultrawide which is the same horizontal height at the former has the right balance or pixel density (and ppi) for normal desktop use. Like if we're talking visual fidelity a 27" 1440P monitor would be sharper than a 24" 1080P display due to its higher ppi. Which allows you to see more detail on screen and provide a more immersive experience due to its size difference. And that will scale to higher resolutions and screen sizes. Another major upside to 1440P (and higher) is you don't need that nearly as much AA to make a image look stable (or passable).

Here's a interesting video discussing the pro's and cons of going different resolutions for gaming

Downsides being that its harder to run than 1080P. But nowhere near so much demanding as 4K. In any case I'd say its depends on the person. If someone has a good enough GPU it kinda makes sense just to go for a 1440P monitor or 4K.

Last edited by hinch - on 20 November 2022