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gtotheunit91 said:
eva01beserk said:

Late to the party. But can somebody explain why a studio getting bigger would slow development? That does not make sense.

Its suposed to be comon knowledge that studios are always working on something and bigger studios work on multiple projects at one. If a studio got bigger sounds logical that whatever project was being worked on would now be done faster with the extra manpower.

Unless im to assume that phil came in and said this studio is now 2x bigger. Scrap everything you had and start from scratch. Or those studios whete just sitting on their asses for years waiting to the team to grow. Either is just poor management on MS part.

Apparently nobody played the games these studios released in the time AFTER they were purchased lol, and the positive impact the studio purchase had on the outcome of the games, but, no one’s ever going to pay attention to the important details outside of their own bias

Damn shame too. Wasteland 3 by inXile in 2020 and the 2 expansions released in 2021 were literally one of the best true RPG’s I’ve played in idk how many years. 

I dont understand the fans of other systems in this thread. Pretty much every studio Ms did buy has released something already.