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eva01beserk said:
Ryuu96 said:

Did anybody say that? The thing is that some of these studios have moved to AAA production whilst still being ~100 employees so they've had to staff up significantly to become a AAA capable.

InXile for example, their next title is AAA, but they were a ~100 sized studio, as a result they've staffed up over the years and moved into a much larger studio to accommodate that. So, it's not that anyone is saying "a studio getting bigger would slow development" it's that people are saying "AA-sized studios are moving into AAA production so they need time to staff up"

Undead Labs too, State of Decay 3 is being described as AAA and they were a ~100 employee studio, since then they've opened two more studios and started expanding, whilst supporting State of Decay 2 (even today) with content updates.

And in someone like Playground's case, instead of using the Forza Horizon team for Fable, they opened a brand-new studio and started to staff it up from 1 employee to a target of ~250 so that would explain why that is taking longer too.

So my question still stands. What are the current devs doing during this increase or move to new place or creating a separate team? Because the worst part is these teams even with the excuses you are making still had the ability to show what they are working on. So some work had to have been done for them to show off a game like they did with perfect dark or fable or stay of decay. So they canot have been doing nothing. Or they had nothing but still decided to show off? Wich is also not good.

Working on the project? Lol.

You aren't entitled to see their project until they want to show it, you've gone from a development argument to a marketing one.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 20 November 2022