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gtotheunit91 said:
VersusEvil said:

So they removed bot bootcamp from Infinite? Well, looks like I can clear some space on my storage now. 343 really are the fucking worst studio MS has.

Didn't know anyone had a hard on for bot bootcamp I think I may have played the mode once at some point for a challenge, but I always thought it should be part of the Training mode than in matchmaking.

For Versus I think it's because it's the only PVE mode where you can progress your challenges, since the XP changes have made it a lot easier to level up, I would guess that is why they removed it and they'll re-add it but without any XP and/or challenge progress.

I like how TMCC does it where they have challenges specific for Campaign too and some for Firefight, obviously Infinite doesn't have Firefight yet so they can't do that, but I think some Campaign challenges would be nice.