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SanAndreasX said:
haxxiy said:

DeSantis might try to go for that 2024 nomination now. Pleased that it looks like people are finally paying attention to midterms.

This was the best midterm performance by a sitting president's party since 2002, when Bush was still riding a wave of post 9/11 sentimentality. 

Unfortunately, Florida was one place that bucked trends elsewhere in the nation.

The progressive wing of the party did particularly well for the Dems (John Fetterman, Maxwell Frost, Delia Ramirez, Greg Casar, Summer Lee.. all new members to the progressive side), when your policies (universal healthcare, free college tuition, strong environmental policies.. etc) are popular it shouldn't be a shock when you do well with younger voters.. 

Gen Z did it's job by voting for progressive Dem's, this group of 18 to 29 year olds having a 28 point swing to the Dems, give people what they want and they will reward you, they saved the day for the Dems as a whole   

The break down by swing and age

R+ 13   65+

R+11   45-64

D+2    30-44

D+28   18-29