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S.Peelman said:

Winner of Group A (likely Netherlands otherwise we’re really terrible) takes on Runner-up of B, so probably United States or Wales. We could still win that. If England happens to be runner-up then no, we’re out.

Then in Quarter Finals it would be against the winner of Winner of C versus Runner-up of D, which are likely Argentina versus Denmark, which Argentina wins making the Quarter Final Netherlands versus Argentina.

As an Englishman, I find it amusing to hear a Dutchman say they’d lose to England as that’s the opposite of my prediction if England were runners-up in their group. I consistently see England ranked as third favourites on gambling sites and think whoever wrote that is mad. I would put us as 10th favourites at best given recent form and squad issues. Pundits talk about England’s strength in depth and talent like Alexander-Arnold, Bellingham, Foden, Maddison etc but they gloss over the obvious there. TAA almost never gets picked by Southgate, Maddison doesn’t make the squad. Bellingham, whilst he should undoubtedly be in the starting 11, will likely get dropped once Kalvin Phillips, injured all season, is back fit and Southgate seems unable to get the best out of Foden. Also, I find the notion of strength in depth laughable when Southgate persists with Harry Maguire who has been out of form for over a year.

England’s main hope will be to build up a head of steam and restore some confidence in the early rounds and run with it. They draw could yet be kind to them again but in reality, winning it seems beyond them. I’ve seen some previews calling it their ‘now or never’ moment but really that was probably Euro 2020.

As for the Quarter-Final, I’m thinking it would be against the winner of Argentina v France, rather than Denmark. This is as, similar to England, France have had a bad year in 2022. Their form hasn’t been great and a few key players are injured. Denmark beat them twice in the Nations League and, whilst that’s no guarantee of anything, I can see them winning again in Group D.

With Argentina and Brazil, yes they rule in South America but it hard to benchmark them against the European teams as they play against each other so infrequently. That said, all the top European teams have issues so who knows.

Last edited by SecondWar - on 13 November 2022