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JuliusHackebeil said:
twintail said:

PSVR2 is about half the price of Valve Index, and the PSVR2 outclasses the index with certain specs.

Yeah, is expensive (supposedly cheaper than the first taking into account inflation), but there are more expensive options on the market currently.

Yeah, you are right. It is quite some money for me. But it is good value in comparison. I did not know the index was this expensive. But the psvr1 cost 400 at launch. Plus 60 for the camera. Plus two move controlers for at least 80 (seen 100 aswell). Thats 540 in 2016, or 645 euros today.

The price for psvr 2 is a bit steep, but more than fair in comparison to what came before.

Yeah, sorry it seemed like I was suggesting you were wrong in saying the PSVR2 was expensive. 

I mean,  I agree with you that it is. I was just making a comment that there are other VR headsets in the same tech range that are higher. 

Sorry, I hope my comment didn't come across the wrong way.