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Doctor_MG said:
smroadkill15 said:


Your description of the Initiative is exactly what I mean about mismanagement. They even had to get Crystal Dynamics to help develop Perfect Dark because they just can't do it alone. That's ridiculous. 

Why did Everwild get rebooted after four years of development? I'll tell you, poor management and direction of the studio. 

Guerilla Games released Killzone 3, completed the Decima engine, released Killzone Shadowfall and released Horizon Zero Dawn in the same time that it will take Turn 10 to release Forza Motorsport 8 with an "updated" (not new) engine. Which it's not even like they are the only ones updating their engine as they are probably utilizing some work already completed from Playground Games. 

We don't know if Compulsions next game is AAA. All we know is it's a story driven dark fantasy. Regardless, the timeframe of 3-5 years is for AAA game development. So this excuse doesn't fly for either compulsion or undead labs anyway. In addition, Undead Labs opened up a second studio, so even their "smaller" developers have multiple studios which just further illustrates my point.

"If there wasn't a pandemic" see, you can't just blame this on the pandemic when MS's contemporaries are still delivering major AAA games where MS isn't. 

The Initiative always planned on co-developing Perfect Dark in this manner, that was verified by multiple insiders. I'm not sure why people panic so much about news like this, it's hugely common in the gaming industry for studios to either partner or work with multiple studios, almost every single AAA nowadays is created by multiple studios.

Nobody does anything alone nowadays in AAA development. The scale for The Initiative/Crystal Dynamics is a little larger but there's multiple examples of that, World's Edge and Relic on Age of Empires IV, The Coalition and Splash Damage on Gears of War 4/5. How multiple Ubisoft studios work on each Assassin's Creed at the same time, CoD is the same, Nintendo EPD and Monolith, etc.

If it wasn't Crystal Dynamics, then The Initiative would have hired multiple other studios to assist on development because that's how game development is. Crystal Dynamics won't be the only ones assisting on Perfect Dark either because again, that's game development.

Everwild is a bit messy, it was definitely revealed too early, before they even had an idea of what the game would be, then they lost their Creative Director and soon after rebooted it. It happens, I don't really think people understand how volatile game development is for AAA, if everything was revealed as early as some projects, we'd be hearing about reboots nonstop.

It took Guerrilla Games 7 years to make Horizon Zero Dawn.

Why credit Playground Games for the work they do on ForzaTech but not the work that Turn 10 does for ForzaTech which in turn helps Forza Horizon? Turn 10 assists Playground on Forza Horizon and heck according to Linkedin they're assisting them on Fable too because Fable reportedly is using ForzaTech as well. It's not a new engine, no, but it is being heavily revamped for both Forza's sim side and now an Open World RPG.

Yeah, I don't think Compulsion's next title is AAA, I think it'll be upper on the AA scale but you're ignoring some factors, to start with, Compulsion Games is a ~80 employee studio and secondly, We Happy Few had multiple story expansions released for it, the latest being November 2019. Undead Labs is definitely moving into AAA development for State of Decay 3, and they do have multiple studios now, they're expanding, which is a good thing, but UL is still ~130 employees.

It's not solely down to the pandemic but it's foolish to pretend it didn't play a huge part in restricting development schedules and restricting the ability for some of these studios to grow quicker, not to mention, Sony delayed multiple projects during the pandemic, it's just that Sony had a far better pipeline than Microsoft which meant they can take the delays easier, and Sony didn't have to basically restart their development starting 2018.

The Initiative/Playground are both building from the ground up for AAA development so it's likely that they're going to take even longer than even the traditional AAA development schedules, as I pointed out, Horizon Zero Dawk took 7 years to make and that was with an already established studio and not during a pandemic but that's fine because games take time.