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Leynos said:
Kakadu18 said:

Newsflash: games take time to develop. It's not like they sat down and went like: "We won't release anything this year for no reason at all." Most AAA games that their newly acquired studios develop started development not to long ago, got delayed like Starfield or just take forever like TES VI.

It's not that hard to understand.

 It's been 4 years on some of those. They showed trailer for some a few years ago and yet to release. Nintendo is a much smaller company and still gets the games out. MS has enough developers to outman the NYC Police department. They should have better output than this.

Not entirely true, I think people overestimate the size of Xbox, at around the time of acquiring Zenimax (so after the multiple individual acquisitions), Xbox was at around ~2,500 employees and Zenimax was also around ~2,300. Since then, they've been heavily hiring though, a lot of the studios they've acquired are moving from AA development to AAA development and have had to move studios, heavily staff up which brings us to today.

  • Xbox Game Studios (All 14 Studios + Publishing) According to Linkedin = 3,532
  • Mojang alone makes up 916 of those 3,532 employees.
  • Zenimax (All Studios + Publishing) According to Linkedin = 2,927.
  • Based on today's numbers, Xbox + Zenimax = 6,459 Employees.
  • Nintendo has 6,574 Employees.

The Xbox One era did a number on Xbox's size and the majority of the studios they acquired were on the small-midsized scale. So, once they acquired these studios, a few of them have heavily staffed up to move from AA to AAA development and opened new locations to achieve that, such as Obsidian, InXile and Undead Labs. Playground's Fable team is an entirely built from the ground up studio/team as well.

These games aren't taking any longer than usual game development, the issue is that Microsoft revealed them too early, they revealed some of these projects right as they entered pre-production, Lol. AAA nowadays takes about 3-6 years from pre-production to release, depending on whether sequel or new IP and that's at the best of times, this hasn't been the best of times, in-between Xbox practically having to rebuild itself and the pandemic.

Plus, as Gtotheunit mentioned, a few of these studios did release projects after Xbox acquired them; Compulsion Games, Double Fine, InXile, Obsidian, Arkane, Tango Gameworks, etc. But the issue is, they weren't exclusive as they were already announced multiplatform. So, it's a bit unfair to pin much blame of them for not releasing an Xbox exclusive already, the studios can't magic up games instantly after just releasing games, especially not at a few of their sizes.

They could have released exclusives from them if Microsoft ripped away the already announced multiplatform releases but let's be honest, Microsoft would have been torn apart for that, Lol. It's overall a mix of awkward timing and Microsoft revealing the games far too early Imo, but I understand why they did reveal them early, they had to give Xbox fans something to look forward to back in 2018/2019, Lol.

I do agree with Ice though that this year has been awful for Xbox and one of the worst I can remember.

Very excited for 2023 though.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 01 November 2022