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Soundwave said:
DonFerrari said:

And Sega Saturn is a perfect example of a system that tried to accomplish 2 different things on the system with the 2D and 3D processing and failed because that added complexity and cost. But sure Nintendo could have changed mind again and made a N64CD+Slot for the same price.

Yeah but that's a different issue, their *chipset* for the Saturn was more of a 2D processor than a 3D one. 

The format really didn't hurt it though.

I think there's no real point in ditching a cartridge slot, cartridge slots really don't cost that much, so when people position the debate as "cartridge vs CD!" it didn't really need to be that way at all. 

I mean even Nintendo by announcing the 64DD basically the same time as unveiling the N64 was basically conceding even at that point that cartridges alone weren't sufficient. They should've just swallowed their pride a bit at that point and just agreed to add in a CD drive. 

You would still have controllers, processing and mixing data from CD and cart in the same game could be quite complex. But sure it would be something new.

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