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Pemalite said:
Soundwave said:

There was a mix up but there is an OLED screen Switch model. 

If anything leaks are more accurate today than in the past, in the past almost nothing leaked about major hardware, these days there is info definitely floating out there before hand on virtually every major hardware release. 

NX being a hybrid console with detachable controllers was leaked months before, PS4 Pro and XBox One X were leaked, Switch Lite was leaked (right down to an actual photo of the back plate of the console), Switch OLED was leaked. 

Sometimes the info gets a little mixed up, but it doesn't mean rumors are not ever worth listening to, quite often where there is smoke there is definitely fire these days. 

Not really.

Remember the rumor that the Switch Pro was going to use an AMD chip? Didn't happen.

Remember the rumor when the Switch Pro was going to be 4k? Didn't happen.

Remember when the Switch Pro was going to have a 1080p display? Didn't happen.

Remember when the Switch Pro was going to have a Mini-LED display instead of OLED? Didn't happen.

Remember when the upgraded Switch was supposed to replace the current model rather than just be an addition to the lineup? Did not happen.

Remember when the Switch pro was going to have DLSS? Also didn't happen.

Remember when the Switch was going to be a VR/AR console? Yeah. That never happened either.

Remember when the Switch was rumored to have an AMD SoC? Nope. That was a joke too.

Remember when the Switch was going to have 4k streaming? 900P/60fps gaming? Surf the Web? Make video calls?
Would even come with a sensor bar like the Wii and WiiU? None of that rubbish happened either.

And you have the gall to blatantly assert that leaks are more accurate today?
Common, with this pretty quick and dirty list of evidence.. Who are you really trying to fool?

Rumors and leaks are bullshit and should always be regarded as such until we have actual evidence, not unsubstantiated claims.

Well if you pick stuff that suit your argument, of course. Cause, on the other side:

Nintendo NX will have Tegra X1 in it


Nintendo NX will be portable, cartridge-based, with its own display and detachable controllers 


New versions of the Switch model would launch, with one being a "Lite" version without HD rumble and non-removable controllers


A new Switch would have ethernet port, better stand and better storage


A new Switch model would have OLED screen


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