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Kyuu said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

Yeah, Microsoft are doing some promotions, so? If you look at the 360 vs XBO chart above, you can clearly see that the XBO only managed to build up any lead during the holiday season, while subsequently loosing over the course of the rest of the year. The XBO had a baseline that's much lower than the XS has. But more on that later, let's compare baselines first.

I'm taking the month of May as baseline since it's the one where the console sells the least. This is so far true for both the XBO and the XS.

XBO's best year had just 268k sales in May, while the other years it was hovering between 230k and 260k. This means weekly sales in May have been consistently under 70k, with dips down to under 60k.

XS easily beats this, with 393k last year and 482k this year. It is also the only month this year where the XS didn't sell at least 500k.

In fact, the 393k from last year is already a pretty high bar for the XBO, as at no point in it's life in the months of January, April, May and July XBO even got close to that number and just managed to beat it once in August, and XBO only managed twice to get above 500k monthly sales (and even then just barely so, with 501k in June 2015 and 507k in March 2018) in any month between January and August.

So even if the console would be overtracked, it would need to be very massively so just to give the XBO a fighting chance. XBO only sold during the holidays because it got massive promotions during that time, otherwise it wouldn't have sold at all. The XS meanwhile has a much higher baseline and doesn't need to rely on the holidays to sell, but that doesn't mean that they can't do promotions to further push the consoles.

Series S is often sold at $250 in Europe. IIRC, X1 early on only got hot deals in the holidays season. This basically means that "promotions" may be inflating Series S's sales as much as they inflated X1's in the early years. Seires X has potential, but it looks like MS just can't produce many of them and is trying to condition people into wanting the Seires S which they can produce in very high volumes

So apparently Xbox One in the UK generated more revenue than PS4 at 2 million consoles sold, which even if we factor in the initial Kinect bundle price, shows that there were no crazy promotions going on. Until PS5, it was in fact the highest earning console of all time at 2 million sold at week 104 (slightly ahead of PS4 and comfortably ahead of PS3).

To top it off, X1 launch aligned so far is estimated to have sold better than Series XS in both UK and US, Xbox's two biggest markets. MS has to shift focus from Series S to X and somehow massively improve the production of the latter asap before PS5 dominates the mindshare. Making Series S the main platform may prove a mistake in the long run unless they adapt.

Last edited by Kyuu - on 13 October 2022