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shikamaru317 said:

Xbox made $2.9b from Gamepass subs alone in 2021 it seems. Gamepass is definitely profitable, that comes out to about $240m per month and they add anywhere from 12-20 games per month usually, most of which are cheaper indie and AA titles, and we heard they only paid $5-10m to get Guardians of the Galaxy, a 3 month old AAA, onto Gamepass. While some of the day one Gamepass deals may have cost a good bit, especially the day one AAA's like Back 4 Blood and Outriders, those are fairly rare, so even if Gamepass isn't making a profit every month it would be making a net profit over a year. Also worth noting this seems to be sub money only, if somebody uses their Gamepass discount to buy a game or DLC Xbox still gets the 30% Xbox store revenue cut on that.

So basically Gamepass has 240m subs since VGC sources tell me people only pay $1 a month for Gamepass that is some big growth.