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SegaHeart said:
Kyuu said:

Tekken Topanga League Season 6 qualifier results:

1. Chirichiri (Lee), Kagemaru (Negan, Josie) tied.

Others in top8 in no paricular order:

Elbee (Eliza), Matchan (Eliza), Li R Li (Anna, Paul), Ken (Multiple characters including Feng, Negan and Zafina), Matsuba (Julia, Steve), Halu (Jack 7).


- Nobi placed 9th, failing to qualify in Topanga Finals. He lost to Mendy (an Armor King player I never heard of), and Elbee (Eliza).

- Gupimon (the Eliza player who placed 25th in Evo) placed around 17th in this event.

- Matsuba played a Kazumi mirror with Arslan Ash years ago, beating Ash 4-0 and forcing him to switch to Geese.

- Kagemaru placed 5th at TWT 2019 Finals LCQ, beating Pakistan's Ahsan Ali and the Jon. And losing to Bilal and Eyemusician.

- Chirichiri won two stacked consecutive tournaments using Lee. He's generally known as a Shaheen main.

- The average western viewer doesn't recognize a single name from the top 8 here. But I guess some recognize Kagemaru (for his legendary Mastercup Finals OCV), and Chirichiri (7th at Evo 2018). ICFC Asia viewers (not many) recognize Halu as well.

I reiterate Evo 2022 from event hub, Nobi placed 13th placefew months ago and him losing to Mendy means Mendy can place high at Evo 2023 also Elbee eliminating Nobi he too can place high in Evo maybe top 8 evo 2023? Here below is Nobi 13th at evo and for those 2 to beat him is great achievement. Link below for Nobi placement at evo 2022

Elbee is a beast. Like so many other strong players, he could place anywhere between top 128 to top 8 at Evo depending on mood, luck, and seeding. I don't think Mendy has much experience, his 9th placement might be his best run ever, so I wouldn't bet on him placing high at Evo (apparently he's 24, so still young with a lot of potential).

I think Halu is Taisei's brother (4th at Evo 2017).

Matchan is another great Eliza player. He's actually the only pro (sponsored) Eliza specialist in Japan (Elbee isn't sponsored). His team is ITO (Mikio, Chirichiri, Buppo, Umibozu, and iKari the Korean Kazuya player aka the fastest wavedasher on earth lol).

There are a ton of strong players out there who unfortunately fly under the radar. One of my favorites is Keisuke, an absolute Kazuya monster (and unofficial temmate of Chikurin and Noroma). He placed 2nd on Mastercup Try for two cosecutive years, barely failing to win the official "Pro License" from the Japnese government (About only 14 players have it). He underperformed last night at Topannga, losing to Yuriwo and Yuyu, both of whom female players. He was somehow eliminated without scoring a single set! It went like JDCR in that stacked Korean/Japanese tournament the other day where he also got eliminated without scoring, losing to JustCloud and Noroma. Asian tournaments are brutal.

Last edited by Kyuu - on 10 October 2022