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Tekken Topanga League Season 6 qualifier results:

1. Chirichiri (Lee), Kagemaru (Negan, Josie) tied.

Others in top8 in no paricular order:

Elbee (Eliza), Matchan (Eliza), Li R Li (Anna, Paul), Ken (Multiple characters including Feng, Negan and Zafina), Matsuba (Julia, Steve), Halu (Jack 7).


- Nobi placed 9th, failing to qualify in Topanga Finals. He lost to Mendy (an Armor King player I never heard of), and Elbee (Eliza).

- Gupimon (the Eliza player who placed 25th in Evo) placed around 17th in this event.

- Matsuba played a Kazumi mirror with Arslan Ash years ago, beating Ash 4-0 and forcing him to switch to Geese.

- Kagemaru placed 5th at TWT 2019 Finals LCQ, beating Pakistan's Ahsan Ali and the Jon. And losing to Bilal and Eyemusician.

- Chirichiri won two stacked consecutive tournaments using Lee. He's generally known as a Shaheen main.

- The average western viewer doesn't recognize a single name from the top 8 here. But I guess some recognize Kagemaru (for his legendary Mastercup Finals OCV), and Chirichiri (7th at Evo 2018). ICFC Asia viewers (not many) recognize Halu as well.

Last edited by Kyuu - on 09 October 2022