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SegaHeart said:

Casuals are argueing with pros but so far the ones in the middle are left out aka Ones like me that create combo optimal videos like me Momo combo I contributed in FGC in Project Justice. which is the real standard for combo of Momo mains. also few other combos. I think our names should be fighting game contributors since we are not casual or pro. the casuals say they love when a sponsored pro loses to an unknown. We were all casual at one time in our life those others get better to get good both are really hating eachother while guys in the middle are confused or enjoying the war. 6:40 mark.

Also the casuals and Pro players can't pull the most ridiculas combos the middle players do we just don't go to tourney because we are poor or lazy for being a pro ever or not the type to button mash like casuals . but they are both alright .