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eva01beserk said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

CosmicSex said:

Honestly it's gonna top out at 55 million and may even get up to around 60 million.

Honest question: Can you explain me why do you think XS will just barely outsell XBO? Right now it's looking like it's selling quite a bit better than it's predecessor, so I want to understand where you're coming from with your prediction. Do you think sales will falter, a new console replacing the Series X/S early on cutting it's legs, or why do you think sales will be so low?

How long was the x1 selling better than the 360?

acording to VGcharts Month 40 is where it passed it but The lead started decreasing much sooner.Month 26 was the peak of the lead. It also never got that high just above 3.5 million while Series X|S has a lead of around 6 millions against the 360 on month 23. Look at this chart.

Edit: here is the latest months X|S vs ONE

Last edited by Chicho - on 05 October 2022